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Custom Website for Non-Profits

Creating a user interface for a non-profit

Daily Audio Bible

Strategy | User Experience | Member Management

Designing the new website for Daily Audio Bible

The Daily Audio Bible is a world leading bible podcast with an extensive international user base. We had the opportunity to not only create a new website for them, but to create a member experience that would sustain and encourage a large international online family.

The Daily Audio Bible started as a podcast in 2006 with the goal of reading the bible in its entirety in one year. Since then, it has achieved that goal every year and has developed a strong community and ministry platform that reaches people globally on a daily basis. Light Up the Dark was very excited to work with Daily Audio Bible by redesigning their website, donation platform, and member management system.

Custom Mobile App & Website Design - Daily Audio Bible
Custom Web Development For Nonprofits - Daily Audio Bible
Web Design For Nonprofits - Custom Member Website Custom Mobile Web Development - Daily Audio Bible
Our Process

We started the process of designing and developing the Daily Audio Bible by focusing on the planning stages. We invested time in drawing out a detailed sitemap and designing wireframes for not only each page, but the different media breakpoints for each page. This gave us clear vision and direction all the way to production and made the development process much easier.

As for coming up with a solution for Daily Audio Bible’s member management, we knew the first thing we wanted to do was migrate them from their current implementation with Endis to a more flexible, custom solution using Wordpress. We developed a powerful system that integrated seamlessly with Daily Audio Bible’s website, store, donation systems, and databases and in a much easier to manage package. On top of that, the system we developed allowed for a hassle-free transition from Endis.

Web Design For Non-profits - Custom Donations
Custom Non-Profit Donation Website Design Custom Non-Profit Donation Website - Member Dashboard
In Review

In the end, we were very happy with the new Daily Audio Bible website. The intuitive user interfaces and modern design performed beautifully alongside the powerful back-end systems we developed to make Daily Audio Bible run smoothly and look great doing it. We are excited to see how a newly designed member management system and donation platform help them expand their ministry and grow their reach to new heights.

Web Design For Nonprofits - Custom E-commerce Website
Web Design For Nonprofits - Custom E-commerce Store
Web Design For Nonprofits - Responsive E-commerce Website