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Premium websites for businesses built to grow.

The solution you've been looking for. Beautiful websites with worry free hosting and updates.

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What's included in your website

Look around and you’ll see that our work is a little different from the rest. We’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting a product we know you’ll love. When you hire us, you become the primary focus of everyone on our team.

Kansas City web design foundation

Website Foundation

We identified the core features that all websites need to be successful, put them together, and include them in every site we build. We call this the “Website Foundation.” It’s an elegant combination of fast-loading code, responsive design, and powerful features.

Home Page

Stand out with a custom designed home page that your visitors will remember.

Sub Page

Give your site a professional feel with customized sub page designs.

Simple Blog

Keep your users up to date and share your thoughts with a simple blog.


Need stock images? We’ve got you covered.


Answer your most frequently asked questions in one convenient way.

User Notifications

Quickly and clearly inform your visitors with sitewide notifications on all pages.


Show off your best work with a gallery that looks great on all screen sizes.

Contact Forms

Easy to use forms with email notifications capable of conversion tracking.

Kansas City web design packages are SEO ready

SEO Friendly

When we build your website SEO isn’t an afterthought. From metadata to page load speed we’ve incorporated SEO best practices into the DNA of our code base. Google Search Console and Google Analytics are set up, or migrated, with each website. Want to share your content to social media? No problem, We included that too.

Built For SEO

Fully indexible pages with meta data, alt tags, fast load speed, and an SSL.

Google Analytics

We’ll set up a new analytics account or migrate an existing one for you.

Social Media Sharing

Make your content go farther by quickly sharing it to your favorite social sites.

Google Search Console

Give Google important information about your site with Search Console.

Uptime with Maintenance

We want to make sure your website stays up-to-date, secure, and bug free. That’s why our Premium Websites require a two year uptime and maintenance commitment. Maintenance cost is determined by your website’s features.

Free Hosting

Yes. Hosting is free. We only charge for the time it takes to do maintenance.

Fast & Secure

Our servers are super fast and secure so you can sleep peacefully each night.

Stay Up To Date

Let us worry about keeping your site’s software up to date and bug free.

Two Year Maintenance Agreement

Low cost and simple two year maintenance agreement.

Uptime with maintenance as part of our Kansas City web design package
Kansas City web design packages include support and training

Support & Training

Our goal is to empower you to be able to make the changes you need to your website whenever you need them done. You’ll get two thirty minute one-on-one training sessions to train you how to add pages, blog posts, and media to your site.

Empowered to DIY

You’ll learn how to make the edits you want, when you want.

Add Your Own Content

Create or edit pages, posts, and upload media any time.

Log In Anytime

Have the ability to log into your website any time you want.

On Call Assistance

Questions? No problem. We love technology and people too.

Built for Growth

We believe the technology behind your website should never limit your ability to grow and scale. When you're ready we can add on:

E-Commerce + Donations

Sell your products online and take donations with saved payment methods.


Create events and allow guests to register.

User Accounts

Allow guests to create accounts, save, and update their own information.


Promote community engagement with interactive forums.

Kansas City web design built for growth