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Custom Application Development

Light Up the Dark specializes in Mobile, Web, and Desktop Applications that help drive enjoyable user engagement. From infrastructure to end user, we’ve got you covered.

Our Work Get Started →
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Kansas City Zoo
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Linux Academy
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Nibble Nook
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Fountain City Studios
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Force One Security

Getting started is easy

Our strategic process gets you to the finish line faster

Our Kansas City Web Development Process Involves Strategizing With You


Have an initial meeting to understand you, your audience, and your competition.

Our Kansas City Web Development Services Give You Access To A Proprietary Platform


We get to work designing a solution to meet your user engagement needs.

When Our Web Development Company Launches A Site It's Smooth Sailing


Measure the success of the solution based on your goals.

What makes us different

Build an app experiences that delights your users

It can be painful to know that users are getting stuck along the journey and not getting what they need when trying to connect with you. Users, at best, can walk away from that feeling frustrated and at worst moving on. This does not have to happen!

We know what it takes to be successful

With over a decade of working with application design and infrastructure we have established a reputation for excellence. We have helped many organizations pave the way to an enjoyable digital user experience. Your user’s needs drive our decision making process!

How you get from here to there

To begin, we sit down to understand the strategic needs and goals of your organization. Once we’ve established a plan, we get to work building your custom solution. With your approval at key milestones, you’ll know that your user’s needs will be met.

It's all about you

We would love to hear about your organization and its users because we are deeply committed to your success.

Our new website is easier to navigate, easier to view information quickly, easier to purchase a ticket or a membership, and has a wider array of information right at your fingertips…

Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Web Design And Development Testimony From the Kansas City Zoo

Paths to success

Technology and application solutions to grow your organization

Kansas City Web Design That Increases Your Brand's Impact
Increase your brand reach
Easy To Navigate Design Is A Core Value Of Good Kansas City Web Design
Delight your customers through a superior user interface
Kansas City Web Design With Mobile Application Integration
Integrate your mobile applications, websites and backend platforms
Kansas City Web Development That Keeps Your User Data Secure
Future-proof your digital technology to keep it clean and current
Kansas City Web Development That Includes Online Payments (e-commerce)
Receive digital payments
Kansas City Web Design Built For Growth And Conversions
Increase sales & conversions

A wide range of expertise

We have the experience and know-how to help you achieve success.

Mobile Apps
Web Development
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Responsive Design
API Integration
System Migration

3 ways you could be stuck

Unengaging technology equals missed opportunities. Don't miss out on a better application experience!

Good Kansas City Web Development Utilizes Responsive Design

Dissatisfied Users

Your audience feels frustrated when trying to use your app.

Improving Kansas City Web Design With High Quality Logo Design

Mediocre Design

Your organization's name is undermined because you do not look professional.

Create An Easy To Navigate User Interface With Kansas City Web Development

Technical limitations

You can not grow and do what is needed to innovate.