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Take your brand to the next level and set yourself apart.

We create visual brands that stand out, build trust, and add bottom-line value. Let us help you reach your goals.

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Web Design And Development Portfolio - Kansas City Zoo
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Linux Academy
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Nibble Nook
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Fountain City Studios
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Force One Security

Our 6-step web process

Our strategic process gets you to the finish line faster.

Using Creative Design For Banners and Signage


Have an initial meeting to understand you, your audience, and your competition.

Custom Illustrations Are A Necessary Component Of Kansas City Web Design


We get to work exploring concepts that best represent your brand and fulfill your goals.

Easy To Navigate Design Is A Core Value Of Good Kansas City Web Design


Flesh out the concept and fully integrate your brand into the design materials.

Our Web Design Loves Collaborating With You During Each Project


We take pride in collaborating with our clients to ensure we’ve fulfilled their expectations.

Web Design With Organized Files And No Errors


We take extra care to ensure that files are finalized correctly with minimal errors.

We Deliver Stress Free Web Design And Implementation


For stress-free implementation, we provide all of the design assets the way you need.

What makes us different

We can take your brand to the next level

When it comes to facing the challenges of creating designs that embody your company, many people are overwhelmed, not knowing how to take their brand to the next level. In a world of temporary design gimmicks, Light Up the Dark helps you create your brand assets in a way that timelessly captures the core message of your business, helping you stand out in the marketplace with excellent web design.

Revitalize your design

For the last eight years, we’ve helped small to large organizations accelerate their branding with compelling design that revitalizes their marketing materials. We create designs that connect to their target audience, convey the brand message with greater clarity, and have cutting-edge relevance.

Our process is simple and powerful to work with

Working with us in design includes three simple and easy steps. First, we sit down to understand your brand’s needs from the perspective of the company and the customer. Secondly, we get to work creating stunning design assets that reflect the core message of your organization. Finally, we deliver the final design in a way that helps you unify your brand across your channels and accelerate your brand engagement.

A wide array of services

We provide professional design services for; branding, logos, illustrations, print materials, digital graphics, and UI/UX.

Stand Out In The Crowd With Web Design That Sets You Apart

Establish your position in your market. Be visible and recognized.

We know that there are a lot of businesses competing for your audience’s attention. We help you stand out from the crowd by creating brands that embody who you are, connect with your audience, and project authority.

Using Kansas City Web Design Unify Your Brand For All Marketing Channels

Unify your brand and create a message your audience won't forget.

When a brand isn’t cohesive across all channels, its impact is diluted and becomes less effective. We can help strengthen and optimize your marketing efforts by uniting your brand across all your audience touch points.

Using Kansas City Web Design To Build Brand Engagement, Trust, And Revenues

Build trust with design that adds bottom-line value.

Not only does a great brand increase the bottom-line value of your organization, it builds trust that facilitiates a greater level of engagement with your audience.

Kansas City Web Design Involves Professional And Consistent Branding

Branding includes clarifying your messaging and target market. This informs your name, tagline, logo, and visual aesthetics.

Logo Design Is A Core Component Of Good Kansas City Web Design
Logo Design

A logo articulates your organizations visual identy and embodies your value proposition.

Custom Illustrations Are A Necessary Component Of Kansas City Web Design

From icons to hand-drawn elements, illustrations are a great way to present abstract concepts in approachable ways.

In Addition To Web Design We Also Offer Print Materials
Print Materials

We provide experienced design services for booklets, covers, albums, packaging, cards, mailers, presentations, and more.

In Addition To Web Design We Also Offer Digital Graphics For Marketing
Digital Graphics

We create results-driven graphics for banner ads, eblast design, social media, websites, mobile apps, and more.

Our Web Design Process Prioritizes UI/UX Design
UI/UX Design

We craft interfaces that enhance user experiences by delighting them visually and designing optimized user flows.

Using Map Design As Part Of A Wholistic Web Design And Branding Strategy
Map Design

We create map designs that effectively help navigate users while engaging them with your brand and messaging.

Using Creative Design For Banners and Signage
Banners & Signage

We can help integrate your brand in a physical space and draw attention to where it matters most.

Using Creative Design For Stationary Materials

Make a memorable impact in your business interaction by enhancing your business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and other stationery.

Our new website is easier to navigate, easier to view information quickly, easier to purchase a ticket or a membership, and has a wider array of information right at your fingertips…

Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Web Design And Development Testimony From the Kansas City Zoo

Work we've done

A selection of projects that we've brought to life.

Using Graphic Design To Redesign The Kansas City Zoo Brand
Using Graphic Design To Redesign The Kansas City Zoo Brand
The Kansas City Zoo

In need of a brand refresh, we helped strategize and create a revision of the Kansas City Zoo brand that updated their logo, introduced a fresh color scheme, new typography system, and set them up for success with a brand guide and strategy to unify their messaging.

Read the case study →

Using Kansas City Web Design To Create A Better Zoo Map
Using Kansas City Web Design To Create A Better Zoo Map
Zoo Map

A unique and challenging project, we redesigned the Kansas City Zoo map to be more intuitive, easier to understand, more accurate, and more effective at providing guests with relevant information. Using GPS data, we created a highly accurate map for both their in park materials as well as an online, interactive version.

Read the case study →

3 ways you could be stuck

Missed impressions are missed opportunities. Don't miss out on a better online member experience!

Improving Kansas City Web Design With High Quality Logo Design

Outdated logo

When your logo isn’t up to date, you won’t be able to convey your brand value as effectively.

How Brand Consistency Helps With Kansas City Web Design

Incohesive brand

When a brand isn’t unified across all channels, its impact is diluted and becomes less effective.

Unprofessional Kansas City Web Design Can Hinder Your Brand Impact

Unprofessional design

When marketing materials aren’t designed well, they diminish the impact of your messaging.