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Give your audience an online experience they’ll never forget.

Remove technical barriers. Automate manual processes. Create an awesome experience for your users.

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Web Design And Development Portfolio - Kansas City Zoo
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Linux Academy
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Nibble Nook
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Fountain City Studios
Web Design And Development Portfolio - Force One Security

Our 6-step web process

Our strategic process gets you to the finish line faster.

Our Kansas City Web Development Process Involves Strategizing With You


Have an initial meeting to understand you, your audience, and your competition.

User Interface Is A Priority At Our Kansas City Web Development Company

User Interface

Establish the layout of the website and determine optimal user flow through the site.

Easy To Navigate Design Is A Core Value Of Good Kansas City Web Design


Integrate branding and design elements to create a website that stands out and gets noticed.

Our Kansas City Web Development Services Give You Access To A Proprietary Platform


Using our proprietary platform, we build your mobile-ready site using innovative, clean code.

Part Of Our Kansas City Web Development Services Are To Teach You How To Use Your Site


We train you how to use your website and control your easy-to-update CMS.

When Our Web Development Company Launches A Site It's Smooth Sailing


Our comprehensive, detailoriented process ensures a successful site launch.

What makes us different

We build sites that grow with your organization

When it comes to facing the challenges of meeting your user’s needs with a website that can scale, grow, and change with your organization, many solutions aren’t hitting the mark. At Light Up the Dark, we understand your need to be flexible and adapt to your market. Your future growth is a guiding value for us as we build out your solution from beginning to end.

Our approach to modern web development

With over two decades of experience in technology, our team has helped create lasting websites that delight users. With our innovative approach to modern, clean web development we leverage the power of simplicity to create elegant online solutions.

Our web design process

To begin, we sit down to understand the strategic needs and goals of your organization. Once we’ve established a plan, we get to work building your custom solution. With your approval at key milestones, you’ll have peace of mind that the project is on course. After thorough testing and training, we take your site live using our comprehensive launch process.

Let’s get started today

We would love to hear about your project and the needs of your organization. Don’t wait to take your website to the next level.

Kansas City Web Development That Gives Users An Intuitive Experience

Enjoyable user experiences created with passion

We know how important it is that your website creates a strong relationship with your audience. We help you create compelling online solutions that delight users through intuitive, enjoyable designs.

Using Web Development To Create Custom Solutions For Your Needs

Custom solutions for your unique needs with fanatical detail

Your organization isn’t cookie-cutter so your website shouldn’t be either. We specialize in highly custom solutions that fit you and your goals precisely and strategically. Don’t settle for mediocre.

Web Development Built To Grow With Your Organization

Future-proof oriented development that grows with you

We understand how critical it is that your website scales with your organization, and many off-the-shelf solutions don’t hit that mark. You need a website that can stand the test of time.

Our Web Development Services Include Member Management
Member management

Take control of how users interact with your website and create a better experience.

Our Kansas City Web Development Team Prioritizes Responsive Design
Fluidic responsive design

All of our websites are fully fluid responsive for compatibility on any device.

Our Web Development Services Include Mobile App Integration
Mobile app integration

Bring your online solution to an app with our fast and easy process for app integration.

Use Web Development Save Time With Web Automation
Web Automation

Eliminate manual, tedious processes that cost you time with automated solutions.

Our Web Development Team Can Migrate And Manage Your Systems
System migration

We can help navigate and manage your transition to new online systems. Even while live.

Our Web Development Team Will Train You How To Use Your Site

We can get you started quickly with training that fits your needs.

Our Web Design Process Prioritizes UI/UX Design
UI/UX design

Optimize your website with our data-driven, user-oriented interface design.

Kansas City Web Development That Includes Online Payments (e-commerce)
Online Payments

Make it easy for your audience to pay you with powerful, online payment tools.

Wordpress Based Web Development For Organizations Of Every Size
An unmatched WordPress experience

With the wordpress CMS platform, your website will be easy to manage and update.

Our new website is easier to navigate, easier to view information quickly, easier to purchase a ticket or a membership, and has a wider array of information right at your fingertips…

Kansas City Zoo

Kansas City Web Design And Development Testimony From the Kansas City Zoo

Work we've done

A selection of projects that we've brought to life.

Web Development and Graphic Design Portfolio - Kansas City Zoo
Web Development and Graphic Design Portfolio - Kansas City Zoo
The Kansas City Zoo

We enjoyed creating a brand new website for the Kansas City Zoo that was more cohesive, easier to navigate, and fully responsive. Due to the Zoo's large volume of content, we had to create a new interface that was elegant and intuitive.

Read the case study →

3 ways you could be stuck

Missed impressions are missed opportunities. Don't miss out on a better online member experience!

Good Kansas City Web Development Utilizes Responsive Design

Outdated website

Unresponsive websites built on old technology creates poor user experiences that costs you.

Optimize Your Systems With Efficient Kansas City Web Development

Unoptimized systems

When online systems aren’t automated, they cost you time, money, and efficiency.

Create An Easy To Navigate User Interface With Kansas City Web Development

Frustrating interface

Websites with confusing, unintuitive layouts will frustrate your users and drive them away.