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Custom Website for Fountain City Studios

Developing a Great Studio Website

Fountain City Studios

Strategy | User Experience | Web Development

Redesigning the Fountain City Studios Website

When Fountain City Studios needed to redesign their website, we knew that we wanted to build a site structured around their immersive photography. We created an experience that showcased their video and photography throughout the site and not just on a gallery page.

Fountain City Studios is a local Kansas City photography studio that really takes pride in their city. They’ve been a staple in the Kansas City photography scene for years and have only been growing and adding to their team. Fountain City now offers a full array of photography, videography and audio production. Light Up the Dark was very excited to be able to build a user experience that showcases all of Fountain City’s great work and calls for the user to connect with them even more.

Kansas City Logo Design For Fountain City Studios
Web Design Kansas City Portfolio - Fountain City Studios
Print Design Kansas City - Fountain City Studios
Our Process

This project started with highlighting the two main target audiences which are portrait and commercial photography. We then created individual landing pages for each audience which feature photography for each prospective audience and lead them to a prominent call to action. We then gave their branding a facelift and shifted their color palette and typography to better fit the high quality work they produce.

In Review

We are very pleased with the way the website came together and really shows off the great work Fountain City Studios creates. We understand that when it comes to photography, it’s important to let the work speak for itself, and to design a site that allows for an immersive experience.

Custom Web Design With A Focus On Portfolios - Fountain City Studios
Custom Website Design Kansas City Portfolio- Fountain City Studios
Web Development - Fountain City Studios Custom Mobile Web Design Kansas City - Fountain City Studios