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Branding for The Nibble Nook

A tasty brand we baked up

The Nibble Nook

Strategy | Branding | Web Development

Crafting the Nibble Nook Brand

The Nibble Nook is a local Kansas City baking and learning center for kids and adults. When the head pastry chef decided to open the first location, he came to Light Up the Dark for the branding and identity of his new business.

The Nibble Nook has a lot of potential and vision that Light Up the Dark really appreciates and supports. We are dedicated as a team to the culture and growth of Kansas City and we’re proud to stand behind such a great business.

The Logo

After market research, we began designing the logo and decided it would be imperative to create a logo that was multi-faceted. The logo would be used in a multitude of different applications including embroidery, baking stencils, product packaging, screen printing, decals, and much more. We accomplished this by creating a logo that could be used as individual pieces or all together as one.

Product Branding Kansas City - The Nibble Nook
Kansas City Logo Design - The Nibble Nook Black And White
Kansas City Logo Design - The Nibble Nook 2
Kansas City Logo Design - The Nibble Nook 1
Kansas City Logo Design - Nibble Nook
Our Process

The initial target audience is children, but that will eventually grow to accommodate all age groups. Because of this, we needed to design a logo and brand that would be fun and inviting to children but also sophisticated enough to be taken seriously by other age groups. One way we accomplished this was by choosing a neutral primary color palette and using brighter accent colors to identify materials for different age groups.

In Review

The brand was immediately successful and began to gain a loyal following around Kansas City. Through hard work and strategy, The Nibble Nook quickly became a successful business and a really fun place for kids to learn essential baking skills. And we are happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to such a great business.

Kansas City Branding With Custom Style Guides - The Nibble Nook
Kansas City Graphic Design Excellence - The Nibble Nook Branding Kansas City - The Nibble Nook
Kansas City Logo Design - The Nibble Nook
Kansas City Print Design