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Custom Educational Website - Linux Academy

Selling a Learning Platform

Linux Academy

Strategy | User Experience | Web Development

Designing the Linux Academy Website

Light Up the Dark helped the Linux Academy establish its brand and create a much more effective user interface and user experience for the front-end of their online learning platform.

The Linux Academy is an online training program that helps students learn about Linux, AWS, OpenStack and other web and server programs. They offer certification training and multiple ongoing learning options. We were very excited to work the Linux Academy to provide a much needed refresh of their brand and website.

Regarding their brand and website, the Linux Academy was looking for a redesign that felt fresh, modern, and above all: simple. Their previous designs suffered from an overall busyness, a drab color scheme, and out of date layouts. Light Up the Dark was able to come in and revitalize their design to really show off the high-quality training they provided and present it in an easy-to-digest manner.

Kansas City Branding & Identity - Linux Academy
Kansas City Graphic Design - Linux Academy
Our Process

There were three main components to the Linux Academy branding that we focused on; the logo, color scheme, and typography.

Starting with the logo, we kept the same spirit and concept as the original but refined it to be more balanced and function properly at smaller sizes. For the color and typography, we wanted to project a very approachable personality and ultra minimal style to really highlight the learning content and make it as easy to understand as possible. We chose a vibrant color scheme that leant itself to cooler colors that felt fun but still professional. We balanced the colors with a headline typeface with rounded letterforms to reinforce the approachability mindset and paired it with a professional, highly legible sans serif for the body content for ease of reading.

When it came to developing the website and designing the user interface, our primary goals were to highlight the training program features and to direct users to start a free trial. We centered the entire web design process around these two goals and were able to streamline the entire site into a laser-focused user flow that highlighted key selling points and made navigating the site intuitive.

Custom Web Design With Wireframes - Linux Academy
Custom Mobile Website Design - Linux Academy
Responsive Website Design Kansas City - Linux Academy